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RUSYA .Fransa .ALMANYATÜRKDenizli / Saraykoy Umut Thermal Hotel Clinic &

Spa According to the report by Medical Evaluation Board of Ministry of Health of Turkish Republic, dated 18.07.2002 and 29.01.2003, Thermomineral Water

(thermo mineral water, with fluoride, sodium bicarbonate, sulfate, sulfur in mixed form) and Peat Class Peloide (mud having the content of herb originated organic matter) coming out of our SPA can be used for the rehabilitation and treatment of below illnesses and disorders;

Orthopedic Sequels:
Back and neck pains, movement restrictions after fracture, sciatic, tendinitis (tendon inflammation), arthritis (calcification of joint).

Rheumatismal Diseases:
Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis (calcifications), soft tissue rheumatisms, sports injuries, knee, arm and back pains, myalgia, arthralgia.

Neurologic Sequels:
Hernia of the loins and cervical discal hernia, palsy(seizure).

Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases:
Kidney, urinary tract and some gynecological diseases, hemorrhoid.

Dermatological Diseases:
Acne, psoriasis, eczema, mange, neurodermatitis, dermatosis.

A visible recovery has been obtained during psoriasis period especially with SPA CARE Peat Mud applications and baths in thermal water with sulphur, lesions on skin has been determined to have disappeared.
Organic matters and sulphide form of the thermal water in the peat mud compound are active in treatment of psoriasis. It is appropriate to continue the rehabilitation periodically depending on the intensity and type of the illness and life style of the person.

Thermal Deluxe Hotel
Thermal Villas
Thermal Plateau Houses

In our all rooms which you can live thermal pleasure to repletion, enjoy thermal water unlimitedly, Shower bath and bathtub
Emergency button
umut termalAir conditioner
Safe box
Satellite TV
Mini bar
Fire alarm system
Central heating
(in villas and plateau houses)
Fireplace (in villas)

are as standard for your comfort.
Pets are not allowed in our hotel.

Thermal Deluxe Hotel
umut termal frIt provides lux and more comfortable accommodation facility.
It consists of 1 room for the handicapped, 4 suites, and 39 standard rooms.
You can use it for double accommodations and it is also ideal for families with children and handicapped and old guests who would like to get the benefits of the cure center easily.

Thermal Villas
“Thermal” harmony of traditional and modern…
These are houses which were built in traditional Aegean architectural style. They are ideal especially for families with children.
It consists of 12 standard and 24 suite apartments.
Be sure to try alcove and fireplace enjoyment.

Thermal Plateau Houses
These are our accommodation units which are entirely made of wood.
They are of plateau features. They have a magnificent panorama.
It is an economical alternative for your accommodation needs.
It is an ideal solution for your double accommodation in nearly 20 m2 of area of usage.

Denizli / Saraykoy Umut Thermal Hotel Clinc & Spa
Kokar Hamam Mevkii Sarayköy / Denizli – Turkey
Denizli Saraykoy Umut Thermal Hotel Clinc Spa reservation Turkey Denizli Saraykoy Umut Thermal Hotel Clinc Spa reservation Turkey

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